Kewl Infographic Alert: Every Minute on the Internet

In case you missed it earlier this week (or didn't manage to see a full-size version), below is a mind-blowing infographic by Go-Globe demonstrating all of the activity that occurs on the Internet in any given minute. Take a second and look at it in detail. The amount of transactions is staggering.

Some highlights: In 60 seconds on the Internet, there are...

  • 700,000 search queries
  • 168,000,000 emails sent
  • 98,000 tweets
  • 370,000 Skype minutes
Of course what these numbers don't tell us is:
  • how many of those search queries are for Britney Spears
  • how many of those emails are ;) and LOL
  • how many of those tweets are SPAM
  • how many of those Skype minutes are spent discussing Skype's fate since its purchase by Microsoft
Regardless, it's an interesting Infographic and I can easily see it becoming a PowerPoint meme for the next few months. Admit it, aren't you tempted to pop it into your next deck? Yeah, you are. And why, not? It's pure InfoPr0n! (yeah, I'd spell that properly but your SPAM filter would block my post :)

Click on the image to view it in full size and paste away!

Image source:

(Source: @eportelance via @TheRealArty)

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