Kewl Site Alert: Beer Website Designed in Chocolate (video)

So you need to market your new beer which happens to be chocolate flavoured. Of course your only option is to have a master chocolatier build all a series of graphics and backgrounds out of actual chocolate, and then layer the resulting images to build your website. Yep, that's what the fine folks over at Portugese brewery Sagres did and the result is totally nom-nommy. (that is *too* a word ;p)

The video below explains the concept, the confectionery process and the final assembly of the website. Though the site is heavier on design than usability (especially since it's in Portugese), I think this is one case in which no one will care. They'll be too distracted trying not to lick their screens. Not...that...anyone...would...excuse me, I need a napkin.

In an additional twist, Sagres was providing visitors to the site with the option to enter for a chance to win a 6-pack (that's legal in Portugal?) and a piece of the site. Yup, a fine piece of chocolate web. (There's some weird Inception joke in there, but I'm too tired to think it up.)

So check out the "making of" vignette below, or skip it and go feast on the site: Sagres. I love that the chocolate buttons break when you mouse over them. Enjoy!

(Source: The Next Web)

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