Wayback Machine: Mid-60s Video About Online Shopping in the Future (video)

You know, sometimes those wacky space-age type predictions made in the 50s and 60s do come true. And it blows my mind when I realize that people were able to predict today's technology years before they came to be.

Take for instance this 90s spot about cooking in the future which only took 15 yrs to (mostly) materialize.

Or how about the 1960s video (below) about home computing, tweeted by @McDavyDucks. It's full of crazy sexist stereotypes that once again confirm to me that I was definitely born in the right generation: A lady sits at her monitor to shop from home and check in on her kids playing. Her hubby at a different console reviews her purchases and pays for them from "his" account. (And looks pretty stressed about it ;)

Beyond the stereotypes though, you can see how the theory was right but the execution was still to be refined. The idea of shopping online was to log into a store network and view items via their cameras. The main input devices were knobs and a stylus used to write messages. Keyboards are numeric, not alpha, it would seem. But it's got good bones. You can see how everything we do online now was just a step beyond what's portrayed in this video. Even nanny cams!


(Source: @McDavyDucks)

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