Kewl Project Alert: So Geeky Your Mom Could Do It

A year ago, I was a guest on CBC Spark for a piece entitled, "Are Moms Stupid?" The discussion was about all those ads out there that posit your mom to be an idiot who can't figure out tech.

Despite the proliferation of geek girls in tech-related jobs, the trend to position moms (and women in general) as tech-illiterate doesn't seem to be going away.

In fact, I wrote recently about the HTC Bliss, a phone "designed for moms" boasting features like shopping apps and a "calming" background. I didn't need a calming background before I read about the phone, but you can bet I needed one afterwards!

Apparently I am not the only one who is insulted by this whole marketing scheme: Geek Feminism blog are compiling photo essay that takes "So easy your mom could do it" and turns it on its head. They are requesting that readers submit photos of kids watching their moms do complicated geeky stuff. Now, that's a message I can get behind. Maybe I need to submit a pic of the Dude trying to explain what I do for a living: "Mom does Twitter and Facebook and the Internet ;)"

Submit your photos to So simple, your mother could do it, photo-style!

Geek on, my geek sistas, geek on.

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