Purdue Undergrad Builds Geekdorable Dancing Robot (video)

What do you do as a student at Purdue University if you get a National Science Foundation grant and need to submit a summer project? Build a robot that can play Dance Dance Revolution, that's what!

So before you ask, "Why on earth is the National Science Foundation funding dancing robots?" watch the video. The movement is spectacular. When completed, this student project will demonstrate range of motion, balance and vision.

And much like yesterday's Wall-E, it's completely Geekdorable. (Yes, that's a word) Darwin-OP is like a funky little cross between AstroBoy, Asimo and Batman (check out the head). [He's actually a kit you can buy and program. (w00t OpenSource)]

The video is a little slow moving, much like the robot at this stage. But that in no way affects its awesome quotient. Way to go, RobotDDR. Way to make me feel inadequate about all the projects I ever did in school.

(Source: Engadget)

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