Tell me what you think: My First Ever Blog Feedback Survey

Spydergrrl on the Web has been online for almost 3 years. Over that time, the blog has seen:
  • 3 designs,
  • 700 posts,
  • 1 radio interview,
  • 2 BOLO readings,
  • 2 Canadian Weblog Award nominations, and
  • has spawned countless new friendships and conversations.
For all of that, I am incredibly grateful.

I really love writing and managing this site. In fact, I'm thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to share my thoughts and discoveries on the web, and plan to continue doing so!

The 3-year mark sounds like a good time to reach out and find out what you think of the site. I've put together A SHORT SURVEY to find out what topics you like best and generally what keeps you coming back to the blog (or what got you here in the first place).

Would you help a sister out and share your thoughts?

Thank you so much for your help. Here's to more geeky goodness!!!

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