Tweeting Becomes An Olympic Sport!

The Olympics are a BIG DEAL in my house.


Summer, winter, whatever. Doesn't matter. We will watch it. And we will cheer for Canada. Unless they get eliminated during the competition, at which point we will all pick our favourites and trash talk each other until someone gets a medal.


Like the Dude drew the mascots, action shots of various sports, designed his own medals and then stood on a stool in the kitchen while we presented him with them. Like our door to the garage was still decorated for the 2010 Olympics this Spring. Over a full year after they ended.


In case I haven't made myself clear, the Olympics is serious biz around here.

So when I read that Twitter is being incorporated into the lead up to the games, marrying my love of all things Olympics with my addiction to love of social media, well I just had to click. (Candy!)

Ok,ok, so it's not exactly an Olympic Sport but it's an Olympic-related event! It would seem that the London 2012 Olympics are launching a contest to drive traffic to their site foster excitement about next year's games. And luckily, it's pretty simple: residents of the competing countries are encouraged to tweet their excitement using the contest hashtag (#1YearToGo) plus their country hashtag. That last part is important otherwise, they won't know which country you are cheering for.

To make things simple, you can do all of this on the contest site which allows you to pick your country and prefills a tweet for you. Provide your Twitter login and boom, you've just inched your country toward Olympic Twitter World Domination.

So far Canada is in 4th. Think we can own the virtual games? Give it a try! Go Team Canada!

Oh and btw, the 2012 medals were unveiled in case you missed it. Pretty on the front. Hot mess in the back (still don't like that weird logo).

And finally, here's a little video to whet your appetite for next summer:

(Source: Mashable)

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