TweetReports: Just like WTHashtag (but still online)

A long, long time ago (aka Spring 2011) I used to rely exclusively on a free site called WTHashtag to track hashtags and generate transcripts from Twitter chats and conferences. It was my #1 Twitter search tool before Twitter blocked them from using the search API.

(Aside: Seriously, what's with Twitter blocking APIs for 3rd party apps and then not providing replacement functionality on their end? I can understand companies gatekeeping their APIs to hoard customers maintain a competitive edge, but to block APIs and then *NOT* provide the same functionality? How does a company make money by punishing their customers?!)

Breathe. Ok, now where was I?

So, as I was saying, WTHashtag disappeared and I needed to fill the gap. Then I found TweetReports.

TweetReports is a simple-as-Google search ( where you can plug in a hashtag and get a report of all the tweets.

It's similar to Twitter's own but one-ups the Twitter search with print, export and cutomization options.

There is a catch: The 7-day trial is free, after which there's a cost. I've used TweetReports for work and for events that I've live-tweeted, and had great feedback on the reports. Now even if you don't pay, there's still a lot of flexibility on the free side, depending your goal: you don't pay to run the search, you pay to export the results.

For now, TweetReports is my tool of choice, but I'm still on the hunt for a free Twitter reporting tool to fill the hole left by WTHashtag. Got any other suggestions? Share in the comments!

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