Working Robot Wall-E is Completely Geekdorable (video)

Yes. Geekdorable. It's a word. Google it.

Hack-a-day featured a fun little story for all of us who grew up with Disney movies and spent hours wishing they would come true. Maybe you remember wishing you could dance with a bear in the jungle, fly with Peter Pan or take a ride in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. A few years ago, all the Dude wanted was to be Lightning McQueen.

Well, how about having a real adorable fully functioning robot Wall-E?

Lucky for you, DJ Sures built one using a bluetooth robot controller called EZ-B Bluetooth —which he built, incidentally (can you say marketing?). Even if this is meant to be a promotional video, it's still adorable. Especially when Sures asks Wall-E his name.

Check the video below for geeky cuteness galore. Of course, this begs the question: will he build a robot Eve? (Although in our house, we'd much prefer to see a robot Burn-E. Or Mo. The stylized Roomba who cleaned everything and said "Foreign Con-ta-mi-nant" (see 2nd video below).

If you could have a real robot Disney character which one would you (or your kids) choose?

(Source: Hack a Day)

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