Air Swimmers: RC Fish "Swim" Around Your Living Room

Warning: If fish freak you out, you might not want to watch the video below.

[Note to family of said freaked out readers: I cannot be held responsible for the repercussions of you buying one of these for April Fool's]

Air Swimmers are remote control fish that you can fly around your home, office, etc. (indoors only) And they are very very kewl. They are basically balloons with a rotor and RC motor attached, and they appear to be quite nimble — and by that I mean that the people controlling them in the video were insanely well rehearsed. ;)

First of all, can we just talk about the swimming motion? The side-to-side swishing of the tail? All of the surprise shots in the video amazed and freaked people right out. I'm betting they had a moment where reality was entirely confused for them. A few even looked like they thought a real shark was coming for them. LOL

My fave scene is the one in the office tower (0:50) when the shark comes swimming out of the elevator. The guy following in the costume is priceless.

Exceptional Flying Products (whose site is straight out of the 90s) makes these if you're interested in freaking out your own kids at their next birthday party. They also make other wacky RC items, like Flitter Fairies which are little fairy dolls you control with a wand. They're quite unbelievable. So after you watch the Air Swimmers, you just have to check out the second video below!

Air Swimmers:

Flitter Fairies:

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