BMW Electric i Concept Cars are Green. Gorgeous. Scary.

And not in a good way. Can we just talk about those doors? Sure the cars are built from carbon fibre-reinforced plastic, but do you really want to get sideswiped in those things? Good thing there isn't a single other car on the road in the video!

Caution: before you watch this, understand that it's one of those cheesy visionary fluffy marketing pieces about the benefits of going electric. I love the message, the designs are sleek but seriously, I don't want to drive a car with plexiglass doors!

The BMW i Concept site claims the utmost safety though:
Like the cockpit of a Formula One car, the Life Module provides an extremely rigid and save passenger cell. Pole impacts, side-on collisions and rollover tests highlight the impressive safety-enhancing properties of this extraordinarily robust material.
I need to see the crash test videos. It's hard to believe that something with see-through doors is safe. And even if it is, I'm not sure I could get over my fear of seeing cars coming at me through the entire door. What about you? Would this freak you out? Would you take it on the highway?

[Aside: And can we please just call out BMW for naming this the "i" series? Aren't there enough iThings out there? Is this some secret partnership with Apple? Where's my Droid series?]

(Source: The Awesomer)

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