CN Tower Edge Walk: This Video Is Enough For Me

Thinking of something fun to do with the kids this summer? Heading to Toronto? Well the crazies at the CN Tower have set up platforms on the outside of the tower, so you can walk its circumference and feel the wind. Ah, the wind. I remember my first visit to the Tower back in the 80s when the observation deck wasn't glassed in; it was just bars and wind. Lots of wind. My brother told me stories of people dropping pennies from the deck and finding them deep in the concrete below. True or not, that always remained my memory of the deck.

I was surprised then when we went back a few years ago to find the observation deck glassed in. Protective, yes, but it just wasn't as striking. Of course, then we found the glass floor. The Dude, 3 at the time, marched over to it with a pair of binoculars, dropped to his knees and stared at the cars below. Completely freaking out a couple of tourists in the process who couldn't convince themselves to go stand on it.

And now, there is this. An outdoor observation deck. No glass, no bars. No handles. Just a harness, you and the wind. In this case, though, I'm happy to watch the video and let other people enjoy this bit of exhilaration.

Now, it doesn't look too high if you compare it to this next video, but it's still too high for me. (These guys are really insane in the brain.)

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