e-Reader + Library Card = Endless Reading Possibilities

Credit: Mobile Magazine
I'm frugal. Or cheap. Po-ta-to po-tah-to. The point is, I like to get a good deal, especially when it comes to my tech. And my obsession with books.

So, when I recently bought a Kobo Wifi, I realised that there was no way I was going to afford buying books as often as I would need to. The Kobo came with 100 free books but I want to read more than just the Classics. Enter my library card. Turns out that our local library has a Digital Catalogue that offers audio and e-books. So many books that I've been dying to read, and they're recent. You can check out books for up to 3 weeks and even check them back in if you finish with them early.

Some of the books are available as PDFs. Depending on the formatting, these can work on the Kobo albeit with a bit of scrolling. Some completely don't fit the screen at all. It's probably the only shortcoming I've encountered with the Kobo but I'm sure there are hacks to chop PDFs to fit the screen probably. (A post for another day — once I figure it out.)

Back to the library books. In addition to the PDF versions, there are also epubs. Those were pretty simple. All I had to do was:
  • log into the library site using my library card
  • pick some books from the Digital Collection
  • download the Adobe Digital Editions software
  • check out my books and download them
  • open the books with Adobe Digital Editions
  • connect my Kobo
  • drag the books from the "shelf" in Digital Editions to the "Kobo" folder

(I didn't say it was short, I said it was easy)

The best part (apart from having recent free books on my Kobo) is that you can put digital requests and they email you when your books are available. Very handy! So what's on my Kobo? True to form, a mix of geek and fun:
If you ever doubted my geekiness... ;)

Interested in e-books in Ottawa? Check out the OPL Digital Catalogue.

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