Finally! THERE'S my flying car!

Source: XKCD

So every time the smarty pants visionaries talk about the future, the vision always includes flying cars. Only we don't have flying cars yet, now do we?

Well, guess what? Someone finally built an honest-to-goodness flying car. Not some hovering magnetic thing that looks like it came from the future. A flying Geo Metro style car. Yup, an real car. That flies. Ok, not really.

It's a tool to help would-be pilots learn to take off and land. In a Back to the Future-esque specification, it has to hit 90 km/h to take "flight" which means it gets 2-3 metres off the ground for a few hundred metres. So it's more of a "coasting car" than a "flying car".

And it looks nothing like you ever would have imagined.

(Sadly, I couldn't find any videos of this thing in action but you can see just how rackety it looks from this news clip)

So we still don't really have a flying car yet. But if this is what people are coming up in the meantime, I think I'll wait.

(Sources: Discovery Channel and AutoMotto)

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