Geek Awesomeness: Epic Post-It Art Battle

@CameronC_Wilson and @eeGrove shared a post yesterday which puts all of your epic office battles to shame. To SHAME. There is no way that you have ever done anything this epic. (But if you have, you'd better leave a link in the comments so I can blog about you next! And seriously, why have you been holding out on me?!)

Ahem. Where was I? Right. Office epic-ness. E-P-I-C-N-E-S-S. Awesmazing* epicness.

Having worked in cubicle dev shops, I learned to see windows as whiteboards and sketch pads. We didn't actually have walls or whiteboards at our desks, so we took over the windows every chance we could. Generally, our windows were covered in code, wireframes and even information architectures (sometimes, laid out in post-its).

But our post-its would never have compared to this: Based on this article over at GeekoSystem by user Lonewolf, the Ubisoft Montreuil office (in France) created some insane Post-It window art. Their neighbours at BNP Bank totally thought they'd been called out and got to work on some of their own.

And eventually, their office buildings came to look like this:

The battle raged for quite some time and the window displays became more and more elaborate. You can see tons of pics on L' and Gamoover. A noter: ce sont des sites fran├žais, mais vous pouvez les traduire en utilisant le traducteur de Google.

(Source: This tweet)

[Aside: "awesmazing" is the Dude's invention. His 8 year old brain decided that there was a need to fuse together awesome and amazing. I think it works.]

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