Geeking Out Isn't Just for Weekdays, Anymore: Social Media Sunday Mornings #smsm

How it all began

How do you usually spend your Sunday mornings? Curled up on the couch with a good book? Reading a newspaper? Maybe lying blissfully in bed? Well, not me. The last few weekends, my tweep @wikisteff and I have been having social media Twitter chats.

It started with a post that in which I explained that, "I want to be an RSS Feed". That post was inspired by a future visioning session I participated in a few months ago at the thinktank where @Wikisteff works. We brainstormed about the future of technology in society and how that might inform public policy. It was a fascinating exercise and I have a notebook containing pages of thoughts that could be fodder for dozens of blogs posts.

So @Wikisteff commented on the RSS post one Sunday morning. I replied in real time. And off we went. We chatted back and forth about the potential tech that could support my idea, how it would work (practically speaking) etc. And when we finished, we found out that a few of our mutual tweeps had been listening in on the chat. That's to be expected when you're brainstorming and debating on a public forum :)

So the following Sunday, I opened Twitter to find a request from @TariqPiracha for another @spydergrrl/ @Wikisteff chat. Last week we were unable to oblige, but today we had another wonderful discussion.

And we even coined a hashtag (#smsm).

Today's Chat

Today's topic was "How will people go online in 10 years". Curious about today's discussion? You can check out the transcript of today's discussion (PDF transcript on Google docs). We had a bit of participation from some tweeps in today's chat, which is encouraging.

The conversation inspired me to sketch out a draft design for a semantic UI that could be used as your homepage in the future: a screen that would enable you to specify areas of interest, recognize your geolocation and learn from your searches to morph depending on where you are and what you are doing.

Think of it as a custom, self-evolving start screen that knows if you are at home, at work, on your phone, tablet, computer or other device. It autonomously learns from your online activity to scour the web for you and make real-time suggestions that are contextual to your actual situation and behaviour. And it displays them in as a meaningful real-time series of updates that you can preview or deep dive further into using tags and links.

Here's my sketch (very rough wireframe):

Like I said, it's rough, but it was so much fun to think through. The possibilities are endless. Apparently, there are tools that are starting to emerge along these lines. It will be interesting to see how they evolve.

What's Next for #smsm?

Who knows? Maybe this could become a thing? I certainly hope #smsm will become a habit. If so, maybe we will add it to the list of every public Twitter chat.

So, it just goes to show that social media isn't just for sharing your breakfast. And that geeking out isn't just for weekdays anymore. I feel inspired, productive and full of ideas. And really, what better way to start a Sunday?

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