Kewl Design Alert: Cookware For the Blind (This is SO KEWL!)

I remember watching a documentary years ago about a blind woman who lived alone and the two things she did which fascinated me the most were put on her makeup and cooking. That chick wore eyeliner. Guys, trust me: it can be hard to apply properly when you have your sight. I have no idea how she did that.

As for cooking: she had memorized the layout and position of everything in her kitchen. And the cookware she used was the same we use. There wasn't really anything available at the time to make the task any easier for her. I was particularly struck, then, surfing my favourite industrial design site (Yanko Design) when I came across designer Neora Zigler's designs for cookware for the blind. Small tweaks and additions to standard cookware could make such a difference!

Check out the video to see them in action.

(Source: Yanko Design)

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