Pew! Pew! Destroy Websites With The Kick Ass Chrome Extension (video)

Chrome plug-ins make my life a lot easier. I have plug-ins to Tweet, take notes, check Google Plus... and now I have one to shoot websites. Pew! Pew!

Kick Ass is a plug-in that turns any site into a mini video game. It loads a small missile to whatever web page you are on, so that you can shoot and destroy elements that bug you. Don't like that ad in the sidebar? Pew! Pew! Don't like that user comment? Pew! Pew! Don't like that video? Pew! Pew! [Hey! I was watching that!]

The app is very simple: you download the plug-in, and a missile icon appears in your toolbar. When you're ready to shoot a site, just click and the missile appears in the top left corner of your screen. You control it using the arrow keys (press up to move forward, left or right to rotate). And if you want to have more fun and destroy things faster, click the app button a whole bunch of times to load multiple missiles.

I'm thinking that this could be cathartic. Like a digital stress ball. You can use it to shoot that Twitter status update from that spambot, or that inappropriate picture of you your friend absolutely refuses to remove from their profile. You know the one. The one that just might cost you your job. Pew! Pew! It's gone! (Ok, well, just for you. But didn't that feel better?)

See it in action below. I need to go blow up some YouTube ads.

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