This weekend (Aug 27) One-Day Open Source Conference in Ottawa

Hey geeks, developers and open source lovers, here's an event just for you in our own back yard.

Saturday August 27, FOSSLC is hosting a one-day Open Source conference: SC2011: Software Developers' Haven.

According to the website, "Talks will cover the best of software development technologies and communities demonstrating outstanding practice in software development." The Keynotes will be:
  • Richard Stallman - founder of the GNU and FSF foundations (described on Wikipedia as a "software freedom activist" — isn't that the best description ever?
  • and
  • Mike Shaver - Vice President of Technical Strategy at Mozilla Corporation — AND he's Canadian! w00t!
Tickets are available on Eventbrite for $119 or reception-only tickets are available as well. There's also an OpenStreetMap Mapping party on Sunday, where you get to put your skillz to good use. Check the sites for more info.

Love that this kind of event is happening in Ottawa. The world needs more open data, IMHO.

(Source: Agile Ottawa)

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