Woot is now in the dictionary. w00t!

Yup, according to this article on TekGoblin, woot has been accepted into the Concise Oxford English Dictionary (COED).

Defined as "[a term] used to express elation, enthusiasm, or triumph (especially in electronic communication)", woot is one of many pop culture terms added this year. Others include noob, retweet, mankini and jeggings. Jeggings. Mankini. I don't think I could say those out loud and take myself seriously ever again.


So, back to w00t. Apparently COED is turning 100 this year and according to this post on their blog, the dictionary has seen lots of change over the century with the ongoing addition of pop culture-influenced terms. This edition alone has grown by 400 entries.

Ok, so here's a little pop quiz for you geeks: When was the word "Internet" added to COED? Answer: 1995. How about the term "social media"? This year.

Now, I don't always woot (well, ok, I actually do) but when I do, I'll do so with the knowledge that it really IS a word. Geek on, my friends. Geek on.

[Aside: BTW, if you visit the site via browser, you might (not) have noticed that I have a fancy new favicon for my blog. Yup, Spydergrrl now smiles upon you from your browser tabs. If you have a Blogger blog and want a fancy favicon of your own, here's how to install it. Cheers!]

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