Awesome Geeky Bookends (Update: Now with more GEEK)

In my unending quest to find fun office supplies, I came across these. They are metal bookends that totally call me on my inner self. Love 'em.

Now, granted, though these are totally cute, I do think they would be even cuter (and definitely on my wish list) if they said, "Geek".

However, I also found these:

and these.

(All pics, credit: Knob Creek Metal Arts on Etsy)

Not surprisingly, they are all available on Etsy via KnobCreekMetalArts. (Direct links to Nerd, Dork, Robots)

UPDATE: @Jeff_Braybrook found them! My Geek bookends! And they are by the same artists. Xmas list, consider yourself updated :)


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