Back To the Future Shoes in LEGO (& Fundraising Update)

Last week I told you about the Michael J. Fox Foundation's epic fundraiser: auctioning Nike MAG sneakers from Back to the Future fame. Well the auction ended yesterday, and according to the campaign site, it looks like they raised millions of dollars.

In an interesting twist to the Foundation's fundraising story: apparently Sergey Brin (of Google) is matching ongoing donations to the Michael J. Fox Foundation between September and December of this year. Up to $50 Million. FIFTY MILLION. Sounds like the least "evil" thing I can thing of the Googlers doing.

A great fundraising campaign, tons of publicity for Parkinsons and some significant encouragement for the public to continue donating through the end of the year. Epic.

Speaking of epic, a geek going by the name of Orion Pax on Flickr has definitely exceeded my Lego-loving expectations by building the MAG sneakers. Apparently this was the only way he could afford to get his hands on a pair. But, damn, they're kewl.

(Source: Gizmodo)

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