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My goal for the blog this year has been to post 5 times a week. It's my personal challenge to create compelling, timely content that you will find interesting, with high quality and relevance to be informative even months after it is posted. So far, I've been on track, skipping the odd holiday post.

But coming up with good geeky content takes a lot of research and making it timely and relevant means I need to be organized. I have a couple of tools that help me with this. The first is Evernote, which I wrote about last week. As I mentioned in my post, I use Evernote to save tweets, links and URLs pointing to content I find online. I keep over a hundred blog post ideas in the form of notes, bookmarked sites, articles and videos.

The second is a Chrome Extension called Blog This, which appears as a small Blogger icon on my Chrome toolbar. I have Blog This installed on all my computers where I run Chrome. Here's how it works:
  • When I load a page I think would make great blog fodder, I click the Blog This button and it launches a pop-up window.
  • The pop-up window contains a draft blog post. It conveniently prefills the page title and URL fields, and also pastes an HREF tag into the body copy, containing the same info.
  • The window offers 2 options: Publish Post or Save As Draft. Click one, and done.
So in 2 steps (click button, save as draft) I have a draft blog post, no typing required. The page is bookmarked for later use, and the title will show up in my draft list. If I published on-demand, I could actually just add some thoughts and hit the publish button to have the post go up immediately.

Blog This Draft Post Window

This great little tool means I have 100 blog post drafts in Blogger right now. Add that to the 100+ in Evernote, and I have tons of content ideas to choose from at any given moment. Now, with that much bookmarked content, some definitely expires before it ever gets up (becomes too popular, too old or irrelevant) so I do spend a bit of time each month culling old drafts to keep them manageable. It's a lot less work than trying to research new ideas from scratch on a regular basis. And there's no way 5 posts a week would ever hit the blog if I had to research every single post by hand.

More bookmarks = more geeky goodness for you every day! And really, this is all about you ;)

Get it: Blog This on the Chrome Store.

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