The Geekiest Baby Book Ever.

Raising a geek child between the ages of 1-3? Then here's the perfect book: My Little Geek is an alphabet book made entirely of geek references. Sure your child might not spell properly when they are older (L is for L33T) but they might commiserate with your need for coffee (C is for Caffeine) and your love of tech (A is for Android) and gaming (J is for Joystick).

The Dude, sadly, is too old for this. But maybe someone can get me a copy for Xmas as a fun office decoration?

Get it via I would say "find out more" but you won't. That site has zero content. But it has a game. Dammit, yes I played it. They know how to get us. Show us a couple of pics, add a shiny thing, insist on its geek factor and we're in. {shakes head} {It's funny, 'cause it's true.}

My Little Geek Book inside pages

(Source: Leo Laporte on Google +)

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