Kewl Design Alert: First Braille Starbucks Card

Starbucks recently announced on their blog the launch of a new card that features Braille.

Smart. And seemingly such a no brainer. And it made the user experience advocate in me wonder: are there other accessible versions of credit cards and gift cards for the visually impaired?

Most of what I found online were tips for using credit cards (tricks to sign the the slip, how to have the sales person help you, etc). But Yanko Design didn't disappoint: they have a concept for a credit card featuring braille and a biometric scanner, so the user never has to reveal their pin. It also provides real-time data to inform the user of the cost of the items they are purchasing and their total.

Smart. Wonder if it will ever get made? Have you seen better tech out there for helping visually impaired shoppers?

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