Kewl Fundraising Alert: Back To the Future Shoes (video)

If you haven't heard about this fundraiser, this is way too much fun and for a great cause.

Nike and the Michael J. Fox Foundation have partnered to release 150 pairs of Marty McFly's MAG sneakers. The "Back For the Future" fundraiser consists of an eBay auction with the net proceeds going to Parkinsons research. It only runs for 10 days, from Sept. 8-18. The first pair sold for $37,500. What a great way to raise funds for an important cause!

Check out the announcement from Michael J. Fox:

Nike apparently obtained a patent for self-tying laces but these shoes sadly don't have that feature. If they did, here's what they would look like in action:

And here's a fun clip with Doc Brown visiting the shoe store carrying the shoes:

(Source: Connie Bernardi on Google +)

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