Live Emergency Maps from Emergency and Disaster Information Service

Looking up information on Hurricane Irene, I Stumbled Upon the Emergency and Disaster Information Service, which has an interactive map of storms, earthquakes, natural disasters and epidemic emergencies going on around the world at any given moment.

EDIS world map

The whole thing is clickable. It works best if you zoom into the map to the point where the graphics no longer overlap, you can click on each of them for more info.

And I have to agree with @AngeMBM who mentioned to me on Twitter that the epidemic hazards unrelated to the hurricane were somewhat alarming. Things like: trains traveling between major cities with sick people on them that cause epidemic alerts. Chilling.

Do you know of any other similar resources? Leave a comment!

(Source: RSOE EDIS - Emergency and Disaster Information Service - StumbleUpon)

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