Smarter in 60 Seconds: Minute Physics (video)

I came across an incredibly geeky find on YouTube: Minute Physics. They take complex subjects like Infinity, Dimensions, Quantum Tunneling, etc. and combine them with Common Craft-style cartoons (the makers of the In Plain English series).

Now, even in this simple a format they might still be a little too advanced to show the kiddies for science class. But, they are fun and interesting and made me feel a tad smarter (before I felt stupid again when I realized that I didn't quite get what they were talking about in the infinity ones).

Here is the one on fire. I got this one. And I think it would make interesting facts for the Dude next time we light the gas fireplace. See? Smarter already. Hmm, maybe I'll try to tackle Particle Duality next... :S

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