Star Wars. For Xbox 360 Kinect. Merry Christmas, geeks!

This Christmas, you'll be able to finally use the force. Because Star Wars is going to be released for the Xbox 360 Kinect. No controller. Just you. Holding an imaginary light saber. Pushing droids away with your hands. Lifting objects with your mind. Like the Jedi you always knew you could be.

Only now, you won't be a doofus in your living room acting it out in front of the movie. You'll be a doofus in your living room acting it out for a video game. And there will be thousands of us all doing the same thing. Assuming we can get our hands on it. The Dude and his Dad have already discussed prepurchasing it, and it's months away from release. LOL.

Here's a screen cap:

Star Wars Kinect screen

And here is a preview of the game play filmed at E3 2011:

Find out more on the Xbox site.

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