Steampunk Fun: Robot Fridge Magnets

What's better than steampunk? Steampunk you can a) afford and b) play with.

Cause let's face it: a lot of Steampunk stuff is wicked awesome, but there is no way most of us would have either the time or money to build (or acquire) any of it.

So when something like these adorable and fun steampunk robot fridge magnets come along, there's hope for the rest of us. These cute little guys are entirely modular so you can mix and match pieces to custom build your robots as you play. I mean, the kids can custom build their robots. The kids. Right.

These little guys can be bought separately or as a package deal and have fun little hand-painted details that make each one unique. And they're not made of metal so you don't have to worry about your fridge getting steampunked in the process of letting the kiddies play with them.

You can get them at the aptly named NeatoShop.

(Source: Geeks Are Sexy - incidentally, yes we are ;)

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