Kewl Design Alert: Doodle Graffiti All Over the Walls Notebook

Are you a doodler? Maybe in meetings or while watching TV you like to absent-mindedly draw arrows, loops, cartoons, etc. Or maybe you're a budding graffiti artist who is afraid of, well, the law. Here's a fantastic notebook designed by Sherwood Forlee which gives you a whole different kind of canvas: pictures of walls. Yep, you can draw your own graffiti and not get into trouble!

I would love to have this at the office. While it might not exactly be the type of thing that you could bring into a meeting to keep yourself amused, this is definitely a great way to brainstorm, relax or get the creative juices flowing.

Available at tons of places online, including "The." (aka

(Source: Brain Pickings)

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