Friday Fun Video: Silly Putty vs. BlendTec (Twice-blended geeky goodness)

If we ever needed an excuse to make sure that newspapers and other print media don't ever completely disappear, it's silly putty! How can we even think of robbing future generations of the pure bliss that came with copying a Marmaduke cartoon and stretching the hell out of the poor dog until he was completely unrecognizable and then falling over in a fit of giggles at the silliness that ensued from the use of the silly putty! No, I say! We must protect print media! We must let our children enjoy the silly putty!

(Wow, where did that come from? Where was I? Oh, yes, the video.)

Ahem, I love me some BlendTec videos. My fave episode is now a toss-up between the iPad and this one.

This one is particularly awesome: Tom blends up silly putty twice. Check out what happens :)

And of course, don't try this at home!

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