Hallowe'en: The great (Star Wars) LEGO trade-off

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UPDATE: Note that this post is dated 2011. Check Ottawa.ca for latest info on Trick or Treat with the Mayor.

Hallowe'en is a very big deal in our house.

Hubby and I have standard costumes that serve as templates for our annual costumes. In fact, hubby likes to get his ghoul on with complicated latex masks and makeup, carve complicated jack-o-lanterns and occasionally cook crazy Hallowe'en themed stuff (like mummy shrimp wrapped in seaweed and udon noodles).

Me? I focus on the Dude's costume. It's always a project months in the planning. Some examples:
  • Clark Kent (the other kids dressed up as Superman in his Kindergarden class did not understand at all that he too was Superman :)
  • Adam Savage from Mythbusters (this was the only public picture of the Dude I ever posted, and it was incidentally retweeted by Adam Savage himself — sometimes the Internet is a crazy place)
  • The Last Airbender (complete with shaved head and forehead & hand tattoos)
  • And this year, "a dead snowboarder" (because apparently some people prefer to say "dead" than "zombie")
But not only is Hallowe'en about geeky costumes, it's about LEGO.

We have a deal with the Dude whereby he trades his candy for Lego. Yup, the candy goes bye bye and he gets Lego. He's pretty excited; in fact he selected a set back in September and has been patiently waiting to collect the sugary goods so he can make the exchange. This year's optimal choice is this Lego Mandalorian set:

Where does the candy go? Into the Food Bank bin at the grocery store. They will use it for Christmas hampers and the like.

Want to help the food bank even more?
Check out Trick or Treat with the Mayor on Oct 29th from 5:00-7:30.
Start by trick or treating through the haunted house in the Heritage Building, enjoy ghoulish tales in Andrew Haydon Hall and decorate your very own pumpkin in the pumpkin patch. Join the Mayor for a safe Halloween Party in Jean Pigott Place!
To get in, you need to bring a donation for the baby supply cupboard (diapers, baby food, formula).

And you? Have you thought about bribing your little ghoul with something geeky or including a charitable element in your Hallowe'en celebrations? Leave a comment!

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