Kewl Design Alert: Mini Solar-Powered Charger

Never be without power again. This little charger is basically a small solar panel, a kickstand and a suction cup. To charge your devices, just stick it where the sun DO shine. (You know I just had to, right?) And it's called Ray, which is totally cute.

This is yet another fabulous product brought to you by crowdsourced innovation incubator Quirky. Here is a profile I wrote about Quirky and some other products I've written about: Pivot power bar and Crafty Caps.

If you remember, Quirky projects are a bit like Groupons: they need to hit a critical mass before they are produced. So far, they are partway to the 2,000 commitments they need to make it happen. I think I need to add my name to the list (they don't charge unless they hit the threshold). This thing would be SO handy for Android owners (during continuous use all that extra Droid awesomeness burns through the battery in a couple of hours).

And in case you're wondering if Quirky products ever see the light of day: That bendy power bar I mentioned earlier? I just saw it last week in Bed, Bath & Beyond. So there you go, you can help the little guy get off the ground and keep your gadgets charged with possibly the kewlest charger around.

Ray Solar Charger
Reserve it here. I'm thinking of ordering a few. Who knows when they will get produced, but eventually they will make awesome birthday or Xmas gifts. (Thought I doubt they will be out in time for this Xmas.)

(Source: Holycool)

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