A Zombie Board Game for your Hallowe'ening Pleasure

Hallowe'en is coming and I'll have a little zombie on my hands to go trick-or-treating. So with Zombies on the brain, I took to the Interwebs to find zombie-related geeky stuff to share with you. Not surprisingly, ThinkGeek did not disappoint.

It would seem that they are selling Zombie board game called Last Night On Earth. The whole point of this horror-movie style game is to avoid being eaten by zombies. It doesn't get a much awesomer than that, does it?

Oh, but wait. These are the figurines for the game.
game figures of people and zombies
Frickin zombies. On your game board.

And the best part? If you get eaten, you get to play as one of those.

Wanna eat some brains? Get it here.

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