Android Cookie Jar is Perfect for Fangirls and Haters Alike

Android mascot cookie jar
Although I am a little disturbed at the idea of having to behead my beloved Android for a cookie, I do think this little guy is completely adorable and would have to put him to good use in order to justify the purchase. (Alternatively, if you are a Droid hater, I could see you pulling his head off with glee and reaching in to pull out his cookiefied entrails :)

Now, we've probably managed to brainwash the Dude enough that this would also be his cookie jar of choice.

Did I mention his fave stuffed animal is a GIANT Android Squishable? Picked it himself. (Seriously, I offered him pandas, polar bears but no, he looked at the list and shouted: IS THAT AN ANDROID!?!?!?!? That's when we knew we'd completely assimilated him. Good Dude. :)

Anywho, you can get this adorable cookie jar at the (get this) Google Store. (I KNOW! A GOOGLE STORE! Breathe. Breathe.)

(Source: @amy_m_young)

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