Endorian Bunker is the Best. Wish. Ever. (Make-A-Wish Foundation)

We all love Make-A-Wish (and if you don't, you must be dead inside). They do some of the kewlest stuff for deserving kids. Trips to Disney and exotic locations, moving grandparents closer, all stuff that is intended to ease the pain or suffering of children with life-threatening illnesses.

Well, this wish blows all of the other wishes out of the water.

Lane, a wish recipient with muscular dystrophy, is a huge Star Wars fan. He's also wheelchair bound, and wanted a clubhouse to have his friends over since he has trouble getting around. So the foundation built him an Endorian bunker. In his backyard.

So. Kewl.

This thing is amazing, complete with light sabers, movie art and a push button entrance. Guessing the door slides open.

Oh, how I wish there was a video! But we'll have to settle on Flickr photo album.

(Source: ThinkGeek who has incidentally made the Muscular Dystrophy Association their charity this month, in honour of Lane.)

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