Friday Fun: How We Call the Dude for Dinner

So being a house full of geeks, we have our A/V setup to broadcast media in different rooms (and even control some lights) using a system called Control4.

Hubby realised that he can make the system deliver messages and alerts, even control the TV. And so with that, he came up with this to call the Dude to dinner: an Epic Meal Time image from Very Demotivational,

and a lovely little robotic voice, encouraging him to come upstairs. It can also turn off the TV, but hubby thought that might be a bit harsh. I thought it would be funny... the first time. Now, you know this is a very essential tool for our new house. I mean, who wants to yell all the time? ;)

Here it is in action: (The image appears over whatever he is watching. The announcement starts at 0:09)

Yep, a house full of geeks...

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