Kewl App Alert: We Remember (Remembrance Day iPhone App)

Veterans' Affairs iphone app screen shot
Today being Remembrance Day, I thought I would post a little gem that you may not have heard of: Veterans' Affairs We Remember app. This smart little app can help you get organized to do your remembering locally. It features:
  • Maps to find local Remembrance Day events,
  • Access to the Veterans' Affairs Canada Facebook wall (which even at this early hour is a constant flow of lovely sentiments from families of soldiers),
  • A link to In Flanders Fields by John McRae,
  • Remembrance Day wallpapers for your phone, and
  • Videos on Veterans' Affairs YouTube channel.
I think this app is fantastic, even if it's just currently for iThings. But of course I'm biased as both an air force brat and a govvie.

Download the app here.

Other geeky ways to show your support

You can also wear a poppy Twibbon on your Facebook and Twitter profile pics.

And Veterans' Affairs is also inviting you to create a video mashup and share it online. Their calling it the Remembrance Day Challenge.

So how will you remember?

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