Kewl Design Alert: Clock Powered From Residual Battery Juice

I love stuff that uses up the leftover juice in batteries. Millions of batteries get thrown out annually which actually have leftover juice in them. Alone they can't do much, but combined with other batteries, their collective power can still be useful.

This clock takes advantage of residual power and has several other excellent qualities:
  • it's functional
  • it has a sleek design that I wouldn't hesitate to put up in my home or office
  • it has the ability to tell you when your batteries really are dead
For that, all you have to do it to push the button in the middle of the clock face and a little light next to each number of the clock face and the light will go red or green to tell you if that battery still has a little life left in it.

It won't keep batteries out the landfills, but it can make sure they are fully used up before you do throw them out. Which is 2 less batteries for your kitchen clock, or that much less electricity. And that's good enough for me.

Another fantastic award-winning Yanko design. (I love me some Yanko. View all my Yanko posts.)

Image of clock face with batteries

Image of clock button being pushed and light illuminating


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