Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Touchscreen Gloves Mean Less Frostbite, More Texting

OMG OMG OMG. Want want want.

Touchscreen Gloves

Let's face it. When it's minus anything outside and your phone rings, chirps or beeps, there's always that moment. The split second where you stop and calculate how long you have to take your hand out of your glove and use your phone before the frostbite sets in. Now, inevitably, if you are truly a smartphone addict (addict-schmaddict), you won't care anyway and you'll pull your hand out of that glove faster than you can say Android.

But no more, friends! No! MUJI has threaded conductive material into their Touchscreen Gloves. Yes. Now you can be online and warm all at the same time! And the best part? They are actually affordable.

Take a hint Santa (aka hubby) ;) Get them here.

(Source: Swissmiss)


Urban Girl said...

wow - thanks! just ordered a pair as a gift...

I've been eyeing something else at the MUJI store for awhile but it was hard to justify the purchase with the $25 delivery charge. Now that I'm buying more than one thing it's a little easier!

: )

spydergrrl said...

Lucky you! I hope Santa brings me some along with my new phone :)

Rod Gallant said...

Did you get a pair of these from Santa?? I got a pair for my wife. Actually ended up finding them at Bizou, not quite as hi-tech as these ones but still has the conductive material on the fingertips. Plus they were only around $20.

Tanya Snook said...

Hey Rod,
I got lots of other wonderful goodness from Santa this year, and will have to find out if there are still some available in stores.

Thanks for the lead!