YouTube Merch Store: Now Anyone Can Sell Their Mom A T-Shirt

So your video went viral (sort of), good for you. How did that impact sales or your bottom line? Chances are, if you're a business, you probably earned some percentage of mindshare in your market. But what if you're the double rainbow guy? You've probably done some media interviews and well, who's really heard of you since "what does it mean?" left the common vernacular?

Well, now YouTube can help you cash in on your 15 minutes. They've introduced the Merch Store, which is most likely intended for bands but can benefit anyone with a popular video.
  • Local band getting some pickup? Link from your videos to sell your (Mom) fans t-shirts and CDs.
  • Got a meme-tastic video that's taking off? Put your meme on a mug, poster or shirt.
  • That video of you talking about your new book getting some traction? Offer viewers to buy it right from your video page!
It's like Amazon meets CafePress meets MySpace, on YouTube.

And given that they are opening up branded channels to just about anyone shortly, YouTube could become quite the shopping destination.

(Source: Engadget)

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