Countdown to Geekmas Day 1: Samsung Galaxy S II X Smartphone

This one is my Xmas gift.

I've already informed all who are buying for me that what I want for Xmas is an upgrade. My Motorola Milestone (which I've loved, hacked and used almost literally to death) now spontaneously reboots at the most inconvenient moments. Like when I'm on the bus drafting a blog post or updating an Evernote. Black screen. All data lost. It's awesome. Try it. :(

So I have moved on. My new love is 4.3" (hell it's almost a Blackberry playbook! ;) and boasts Gorilla Glass, an Amoled screen, a personalizable UI, social hub, voice commands.

Oh, and you know what she gets in January? Ice cream sandwich. [Well, assuming Telus pushes it down to us in January. Otherwise I might need to brick it. I'm just saying.]

The Samsung Galaxy S II X. It's what's for Xmas.

image of Galaxy S II X telephone

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