Countdown to Geekmas Day 14: Coffee Cup Car Inverter

One of the kewlest things about our Pontiac Vibe is that it has a 3-pronged outlet which can power a DVD player, phone charger, a breast pump (yeah, I said it) or, most importantly, my laptop on long trips.

Sadly, my Versa doesn't have the same type of outlet and since my laptop battery lasts all of 10 minutes, I can't use it anymore on long trips. Or short trips. Or outside the living room, for that matter.

Well, not anymore! Check this out: a coffee cup that recharges your gadgets! Let me just say that the idea of putting an inverter in a coffee cup is like marrying two of my favourite things: caffeine and tech :)

Oh and did I mention that in addition to the 2 three pronged outlets... it has a USB port? 200 watts of awesome recharging power in the car. If you've got a gadget lover whose phone is always out of juice or who has a long commute, this. is. brilliant.

Naturally, available on ThinkGeek.

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