Countdown to Geekmas Day 15: Electronic Butterfly in a Jar

This is one of the cutest products that ThinkGeek has on their site: an electronic butterfly in a jar.
I'm all for studying science, but in a way that is minimizes harm to the environment. Thankfully, the Dude has become quite adept at catch-and-release of bugs, including (and surprising to me) dragonflies. This little electronic guy would be right up our alley.

This little guy is on a wire that has sensors. When you tap the lid or make a sharp sound, electronics in the cap make the wire wiggle and the butterfly fly all around the inside the jar. According to ThinkGeek, it also sits on the side and flexes its wings like a real butterfly.

Completely adorkable.

When I first discovered these some time ago, someone mentioned on the Twitter that they had bought one for their little geeks. (@gibbslamey, was that you?) If you did, leave a comment!

Available on ThinkGeek or if you're in a rush, Home Hardware.

See it in action:

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