Countdown to Geekmas Day 2: Heated Bike Grips for Winter Road Warriors

So you're completely insane a road warrior and you insist on cycling to work in the worst weather. It makes you feel alive to dodge the cars, ice and slush. Or whatever insanity you tell yourself to ride a bike in -27 Celcius.

I imagine you already have all the necessary equipment, but do you have heated handlebars? If not, why not ask for them for Xmas? AME Grips offers 2 possible solutions for you:

Heated grips

Battery-operated grips for BMX, mountain, or road bikes. Full kit will cost about $130 including battery charger.

Heated Wraps

Push button, 6 temperature settings. This one doesn't have a price listed but let's pretend it's about the same.

Definite worthy investments to keep your fingertips nice and toasty on those slushy commutes. For the record, I still think you're insane. And I say that with complete admiration. I love you, but you're nuts. Although I might think you're less nuts with these...

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