Countdown to Geekmas Day 3: Snowball Launchers

So this post was originally going to be all about the Snowball Launching Crossbow that ThinkGeek has on their website but as the message says, "Oh noes! This product is out of stock!"

Plastic Snowball Crossbow

But have no fear. ThinkGeek's got your back to make sure your snowball fight is good and geeky. They still have the TracBall Snowball Launcher in stock. Yep, a little Tron-style action for your snowball fight.

side view of tracball launcher view of snowball making attachment forming snowball

No snow in your hood yet? Again, ThinkGeek is on it. Don't forget to include a container of Instant Snow with the Tracball so your giftee can be all set for an epic snowball fight. Then don't forget some armour, because that Tracball hits low! (See the video below)
open container of instant snow powder
See the Tracball in action:

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