Countdown to Geekmas Day 4: Lego Star Wars Reference Books

The Dude asked me to make sure that these made the Countdown to Geekmas list, since they are high on his list this year: The Lego Star Wars Character Encyclopedia and Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary.
Cover of Lego Star Wars Character Encyclopedia Cover of Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary
Inside of Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary
Both are reference books for, not Star Wars, but Lego Star Wars. Which means they include information about the characters via their minifigs. The result is a combination of fun pics and facts, like:
  • "Stolen imperial binoculars hang from Han's torso"
  • "Lando's exclusive cape is blue on the outside and yellow on the inside. It is a status symbol that distinguishes him as Baron Administrator of Cloud City."
This is a great way to get a little geek who's really into Lego and Star Wars reading. Oh, and don't worry. You know if they're just looking at the pictures. Because if they're not, they'll be sharing every. endless. detail. with you ;)

Oh, and each book comes with a minifig. What could be better?

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