Countdown to Geekmas: Last Minute Gadget Extravaganza

So we're running out of days to shop, here, people! To speed things up for you, I thought this final countdown post could consist of a quick list of useful gadgets. Grab your coffee and your credit card. Here we go!

10 Fun Gadgets for Home or Office
  1. Paper Tweet Notepad
  2. Mini Solar-Powered Charger
  3. Scanner mouse
  4. e-Reader + Library Card
  5. State of the Obvious mugs and supplies
  6. Speech bubble-shaped Speakers
  7. 20 FREE PDF ebooks for Designers and Bloggers (Download to their e-reader or tablet)
  8. UI Design Stencils
  9. Acoustic iPhone 4 Speaker
  10. NoteSlate (Ok, ok, this one is still not yet available, but a grrl can dream, right?)
Or you could get the geeky bookends, or the Lego USB key or the touchscreen gloves, or the air quote mittens... wow, there are so many to choose from... You know what, just visit the Geek section of the blog, ok? ;)

Happy Geekmas shopping! (and good luck!)


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