Extreme Fan Fiction: Crowdsourced Star Wars Uncut (video)

Quiz: What do you get when you crowdsource a movie? In particular, Star Wars? In 15-second chunks provided by 472 fanboys?

Answer: You get a mashup of live action, cartoons, paper art, Lego and action figure stop motion that amounts to pure awesomesauce. The result ranges from silly to hilarious, from awful to incredible.

It's probably not something you'll watch over and over like the original, hell you might not even make it through the whole thing once. I suggest you at least hit play and then jump to a bunch of spots on the timeline to get a sense of the final product. I plan to sit down with the Dude and watch the whole thing end to end at some point but for now, I'm happy to play along the timeline and see what I discover.

Take a look for yourself:

(Source: Neatorama)

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